Accurate monitoring and reporting of air quality at a fine-grained level is a crucial first step in the fight against air pollution. Accurate data creates common ground for policy makers in government, industry and local communities to get together and make meaningful progress in improving air quality. Over the past few years, I have seen Respirer’s commitment to quality through collaborations with Microsoft Research, and their drive to make a difference in this important space. I look forward to seeing important contributions from Respirer in terms of both technology solutions as well as policy influence that eventually leads to cleaner air for all of us to breathe.
Sriram Rajamani
Microsoft Research India Lab
Managing Director
We have been working closely with Ronak and Respirer since 2016 and are impressed with both their hardware and software solutions. They are able to provide accurate and reliable air quality measurements, making them suitable for both research and regulatory purposes. Additionally, the ease of use of these solutions makes it possible to engage with citizens. Only a better understanding of what pollutes the air we breathe will help us take action towards building a better tomorrow. I look forward to our future collaborations and to the improved air quality that will result from their vision and efforts.
Prof. Mike Bergin
Duke University