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Monitoring and management of air quality made easy with end-to-end solutions and advanced analytics

'atmos' - A real-time sensor-based device for effective monitoring and management of air quality
Products & Solutions To Bridge Data Gaps
They are developed using IoT and NBIoT based technologies, big data and machine learning/artificial intelligence
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Improving the quality of living by empowering millions of people worldwide with accurate and scalable Sensor Networks and Analytics Platforms. Real-time monitoring and management of air quality and other environmental factors, means reduced emissions and lower health risks, resulting in improved quality of living.

Ronak Sutaria
Founder and CEO
What We Do
atmos air quality devices for monitoring and management of air quality

'atmos' Air Quality Monitors

A real-time sensor-based network for effective monitoring and management of air quality

Installation of atmos devices in public buses in Delhi for monitoring and management of air quality and optimisation of transit

Driving Change Through Data

Working at the intersection of air quality and transportation to transform data into policy level changes

Ronak Sutaria explains Respirer's advanced analytics dashboard for monitoring and management of air quality data

Climate Science Analytics

Transforming data into information that can eventually be used for management and mitigation purposes

A Better Tomorrow, Begins Today!
Transforming air quality and climate data for informed decision-making

Our monitoring solutions include a network range of products capable of measuring ambient and indoor air quality, oxygen concentration, noise levels and an advanced analytics dashboard for data analysis.

Identifying areas with poor environmental factors can help policy-makers and researchers create targeted interventions to reduce emissions, lower health risks and as a result, improve the quality of living.

Awards & Milestones
From setting up an air quality network in Delhi in 2015, to successfully deploying 2,500 devices across 25+ cities globally, Respirer has come a long way. Here's an insight into the significant milestones as we continue to develop solutions for monitoring and managing air quality and other environmental factors.
Scientifically Validated
Products are scientifically validated against Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) grade equipment.
Monitor Multiple Parameters
Several air pollutants and weather conditions are accurately monitored to give the big picture of the environment that you are living or working in.
Easy to Operate & Maintain
Devices are designed for easy installation and require minimal maintenance since sensors are pre-calibrated in factories.
Accurate Data In Real Time
A sensor-based network that provides real time information, delivering what matters most, accurate and reliable air quality data.
Advanced Analytics
Real time data is transformed into meaningful visual charts into an analytics dashboard with cluster maps, smart alerts, and API integrations.
End-to-end Management
A complete functional solution including deployment, monitoring and regular reporting to suit your requirements.
Energy Efficient
Energy-efficient monitors that require very little power to operate. Additionally, we now offer devices that are fully powered by solar energy.
Founder & CEO of Respirer Living Sciences
Introducing Ronak Sutaria

He is on a mission to improve the quality of living through the development of sensor-based networks and an analytics platform that facilitates monitoring and management of air quality and other environmental factors.

Watch him as he speaks about democratizing air pollution data in India in this episode of the Microsoft Elevated Pitch.​

Sustainable Development Goals
Committed to sustainability

At the heart of our mission, is a commitment to sustainability. By promoting responsible consumption and production, we aim to enhance resource and energy efficiency in cities and build resilience for the future. Our goal is to help realize Sustainable Development Goals 3, 11, 12, and 13, and create a more sustainable world for all as we as we monitoring and managing air quality.​

Sustainable Development goals for monitoring and management of air quality
Funders & Investors
Industry & Research Affiliations
IIT Kanpur – CoE ATMAN
India CEO Forum for Clean Air (Cleaner Air Better Life – CABL) CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD)
NASSCOM DeepTech Club
The sustainable mafia
Sustainability Mafia (SusMafia)
Making A Difference Through Collaborations
Partner Organisations
Key Projects: Influencing Policy-Level Decisions
Project AMRIT

Ambient air quality Monitoring over Rural areas using Indigenous Technology


Project AMRIT is India's first, largest rural air quality monitoring network. It is a flagship project of the Centre of Excellence ATMAN, a world-class research centre established at IIT Kanpur in October 2022 as proposed by the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India.

The project aims to monitor the air quality across Indian states for better air quality policies. In its first phase, the sensor-based air quality monitoring network will be deployed across Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, two of India's most polluted and populated states that lie in the Indo-gangetic plains (IGP).

Key objectives include:
1. Establishing a sensor-based monitoring network for monitoring and management of air quality in rural areas.
2. Creating micro airsheds within the different states for effective air quality management
3. Comparing data with emission inventories, source attribution analysis and pollution models over different states.
4. Development of novel tools for data mining, network calibration, data visualizations and interpretation.
5. Enable awareness and education programs on air pollution and health for rural areas of Indian States.

700+ 'atmos' sensors
Phase 1: Block-level deployment across the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
3 years (2023-2025)
Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor-Government of India, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Open Philanthropy and Respirer Living Sciences
Global Presence
2500+ devices deployed across 25+ cities across the globe

United Kingdom


South Africa





Accurate monitoring and reporting of air quality at a fine-grained level is a crucial first step in the fight against air pollution. Accurate data creates common ground for policy makers in government, industry and local communities to get together and make meaningful progress in improving air quality. Over the past few years, I have seen Respirer’s commitment to quality through collaborations with Microsoft Research, and their drive to make a difference in this important space. I look forward to seeing important contributions from Respirer in terms of both technology solutions as well as policy influence that eventually leads to cleaner air for all of us to breathe.
Sriram Rajamani
Microsoft Research India Lab
Managing Director
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We have been working closely with Ronak and Respirer since 2016 and are impressed with both their hardware and software solutions. They are able to provide accurate and reliable air quality measurements, making them suitable for both research and regulatory purposes. Additionally, the ease of use of these solutions makes it possible to engage with citizens. Only a better understanding of what pollutes the air we breathe will help us take action towards building a better tomorrow. I look forward to our future collaborations and to the improved air quality that will result from their vision and efforts.
Prof. Mike Bergin
Pratt School of Engineering
Duke University
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