Sensor-based Air Quality Monitoring And Decision Support System for Surat City
Key Projects: Influencing Policy-Level Decisions
Sensor-based Air Quality Monitoring And Decision Support System for Surat City

The Sensor-based Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (SAAQM) Network & Decision Support System is a unique model being implemented under the Indo German Development Cooperation’s project on “Reducing Air Pollution in three Indian Cities”.

This short-term project aims to strengthen the capacities of city authorities, with a focus on developing solutions for implementing viable environmental technologies for achieving the air pollution reduction targets set under the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)in Surat city.

1. Identifying and optimising placement of air quality monitoring sensors across the city of Surat.
2. Deployment, operation of 20 devices with uptime value >90% and on-site maintenance.
3. A web-based data visualisation dashboard used by city authorities for monitoring device status and air quality parameters. This information has been made available to the public through the integration of this application onto the SMC website
4. Periodic support includes an in-depth analysis of air quality, project review meetings and discussion with stakeholders
5. Customised recommendations for control and mitigation strategies for different sectors that can be adopted for improving the overall air quality of Surat city.

20 'atmos' sensors
Surat City, Gujarat
6 months years (Oct 2022- Mar 2023)
Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Surat Municipal Corporation, GIZ India, IIT Kanpur, SVNIT, Surat and Respirer Living Sciences