Monitor, Manage & Mitigate!

Respirer offers end-to-end solutions and advanced analytics, to monitor
and analyze air quality in real-time and make informed decisions

'atmos' - A real-time sensor-based device for effective monitoring and management of air quality
Real-time Products & Solutions To Bridge Data Gaps In Air Quality
Using IoT and NBIoT based technologies, big data and machine learning/artificial intelligence to develop air quality monitoring products and solutions
We Are On A Mission!

To improve air quality by providing real-time solutions for monitoring and managemen to support policy makers, regulatory authorities, climate researchers, and facility managers to take data-based decisions through low-cost sensor networks and climate sciences analytics platforms.

Ronak Sutaria
Founder and CEO
atmos air quality devices for monitoring and management of air quality

Air Quality Monitor

Monitoring the air we breathe in real-time

Ronak Sutaria explains Respirer's advanced analytics dashboard for monitoring and management of air quality data

Climate Science

To decelerate climate change

Installation of atmos devices in public buses in Delhi for monitoring and management of air quality and optimisation of transit

Driving Change
Through Data

Transforming data into policy level changes

A Better Tomorrow, Begins Today!
Transforming air quality data into informed decisions

An array of air quality monitoring solutions, including products that can measure ambient air quality, indoor air quality, oxygen concentration and state of the art analytics dashboard.

Awards & Milestones
Benefiting from nearly 10 years experience.
Scientifically Validated
Our products have been scientifically validated against Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) grade equipment.
Monitor Multiple Parameters
Network to provide what matters the most, real-time air quality information.
Easy to Operate & Maintain
Our monitors are easy to install, can be connected via either a Wi-Fi network or through a GPRS/GSM module, and require minimal maintenance.
Accurate Data In Real Time
Our monitors can measure several air pollutants and weather conditions precisely to give the big picture of the environment that you are living or working in
Advanced Analytics
The real time data is converted into meaningful visual charts on the analytics dashboard with cluster maps, smart alerts, and API integrations.
End-to-end Management
From calibration to third-party device integration, we manage the complete sensor Air is sampled air every five seconds, the data is saved and sent to the cloud. This data is then converted to visual charts allowing one to take data-driven decisions in a timely manner.
Energy Efficient
Energy-efficient monitors that require very little power to operate. Monitors are being further developed so that they can be powered completely by solar energy

Meet Ronak Sutaria,
Founder & CEO
Respirer Living Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

He is on a mission to help India breathe clean air. Watch him as he speaks about democratizing air pollution data in India in this episode of Microsoft Elevated Pitch.

Committed to sustainability

Promoting resource and energy efficiency through responsible consumption and production is key to make cities sustainable and resilient. We are working towards a future where sustainable developement goals 3, 11, 12 & 13 are realised.

Sustainable Development goals for monitoring and management of air quality
Making A Difference Through Collaborations
Partner Organisations
Key Projects: Influencing Policy-Level Decisions
Streaming Analytics Over Temporal Variables From Air Quality Monitoring

The SATVAM (Streaming Analytics over Temporal Variables from Air quality Monitoring) initiative has been developing low-cost air quality (LCAQ) sensor networks based on highly portable IoT software platforms. These LCAQ devices include PM2.5 as well as gas sensors. A unique feature of this low-cost sensor deployment was a swap-out experiment wherein four of the six sensors were relocated to different sites in the two phases. The swap-out experiment was crucial in investigating the efficacy of calibration models when applied to weather and air quality conditions vastly different from those present during calibration. A novel local calibration algorithm was developed based on metric learning that offers stable and accurate calibration performance.

100 low-cost sensors
Duration: 5 years (2017-2022)
Locations: Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Guwahati, Jaipur, Chennai, Kanyakumari
Partners: IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, Dukes University, Respirer Living Sciences & Intel
Indo-US Science and Technology Forum
Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India
Global Presence
2500+ devices deployed across 25+ cities across the globe

United Kingdom


South Africa





Accurate monitoring and reporting of air quality at a fine-grained level is a crucial first step in the fight against air pollution. Accurate data creates common ground for policy makers in government, industry and local communities to get together and make meaningful progress in improving air quality. Over the past few years, I have seen Respirer’s commitment to quality through collaborations with Microsoft Research, and their drive to make a difference in this important space. I look forward to seeing important contributions from Respirer in terms of both technology solutions as well as policy influence that eventually leads to cleaner air for all of us to breathe.
Sriram Rajamani
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